Aging is a Contact Sport: Hip Protectors

An animated knowledge translation video for long-term care facilities

Video copyright © 2013 by Fraser Health Authority.

TIPS co-investigators Fabio Feldman and Vicky Scott, and trainee Alexandra Korall, helped in the creation of the above educational animated video on hip protectors and strategies for successful implementation of them in long-term care facilities, titled Aging is a Contact Sport.

Key Messages

The video aims to summarize and convey key messages identified from a systematic review of literature on the implementation of hip protectors in long-term care facitilies. These key strategies to overcome perceived barriers and improve acceptance of and adherence with hip protector use include the following:

  • Pursue organizational commitment at all levels Identify a champion/leader to motivate, mentor, and monitor Involve everyone responsible for resident safety
  • Educate staff on the benefits of hip protectors and their correct use
  • Engage and educate residents and families
  • Choose from hip protector models with proven efficacy
  • Put in place protocols for ensuring adequate supply, variety of models, correct fit, and laundering.


Further information is featured on the project website,, including a video recording of a webinar on these strategies that was presented to health care workers across Canada on February 20th, 2013.