TIPS Symposium 2011

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Barbara Morrongiello, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Guelph, describes her work on “Behavioral Research on Injury Risk”

Co-investigator Dr. Ed Park summarizes the objectives and next steps for TIPS Project B – Wearable Sensors

Networking – in the background TIPS Co-investigators Drs. Heather McKay and Vicky Scott, in the foreground Drs. Aleks Zecevic (visiting speaker) and Joanie Sims-Gould, TIPS KT Manager

TIPS Co-investigators, Community Advisory Committee, staff and trainees received updates from the various sub projects throughout the day

From left to right, Research Manager Bobbi Symes takes time to chat with Sarah Elliott and Vicky Scott

Interesting and informative dialogue taking place during one of the refreshment breaks

Graduate Student Tian Lan updates the team on his work in the area of Computer Vision Algorithms for Fall Detection

TIPS trainees from left to right, Rebecca Schonnop, Yijian Yang and Tian Lan each presented current research they are working on with TIPS support, “Head Impact in Video Captured Falls of Older Adults Residing in Long-Term Care” (Schonnop), “Development and Validation of a Fall Video Analysis Questionnaire” (Yang) and “Computer Vision Algorithms for Fall Detection” (Lan)

Research Assistant Rebecca Schonnop describes the association of landing configuration and head impact risk

Visiting Speaker, Dr. Aleks Zecevic, Assistant Professor, School of Health Studies, University of Western Ontario presents the work she has done on Seniors Falls Investigative Methodology

In the foreground seated around the table from left to right, TIPS Post Doctoral Trainee, Ryan Woolrych, Dr. Barbara Morrongiello, Dr. Aleks Zecevic, Dr. Joanie Sims-Gould and Dr. Andrew Sixsmith

TIPS trainee Ehasan Armjand discusses his work on inflatable hip protectors

TIPS Trainee Omar Aziz discusses his work on wearable sensor technology

Symposia participants “caught on camera”

TIPS Co-investigator Dr. Greg Mori, introduces TIPS project, Video Recording of Real Life Falls

TIPS participants, in the forefront Community Advisory Member, Jane Devji, Executive Director Delta View (one of TIPS’ partner facilities) and Co-investigator Dr. Fabio Feldman

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Barbara Morrongiello, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Guelph, describes the topic of coding data from video observations

“Taking it all in” are post doctoral fellow Ryan Woolrych, visiting professor Dr. Aleks Zecevic, and TIPS Co-investigator, Dr. Andrew Sixsmith