BPK Research Day 2016

An analysis of the spatial distribution of older adults’ falls in long-term care

Cherlene E. Chang, Kimberley S. van Schooten, Stephen N. Robinovitch


The Effect of Age on the Mechanics of Falls

Jacob Karamanian, Shane Virani, Colin Russell, Yijian Yang, and Stephen Robinovitch.


Development and Validation of a Tool for Analysis of Hockey Related Head Impacts Captured on Video

Megan Bruschetta, Shane Virani, Kevin Ngoc Hua & Stephen N. Robinovitch


The Effect of Shoulder Pad Design on Head Impact Severity during Shoulder Checks in Ice Hockey

Shane Virani, Colin Russell, Megan Bruschetta, Kevin Hua1, Brigitte Potvin, David Cox, and Stephen Robinovitch


Brain Health, Physical Health, and the Risk of Dementia

Xiaowei Song, Lukas Grajauskas, Hui Guo, Sonia Singh, Ryan D’Arcy, Kenneth Rockwood