Educational consulting

The Teaching and Learning Centre's educational consultants are available to assist instructors and academic units with the development and delivery of innovative approaches to enhance their students' learning experiences. Each Faculty has an educational consultant who can provide discipline-specific support.

The TLC has produced two handbooks for new faculty members and for TAs:

How our consultants can help you

At the course level

  • Design interdisciplinary courses involving teams of instructors and TAs
  • Revise assignments to enhance student learning
  • Consider strategies for engaging students in large classes
  • Design lab resources and tools that support student learning
  • Design or redesign a course using a new technology to enhance student learning

At the curricular level

  • Map curricula to support the alignment of courses
  • Consider pedagogical models and approaches to curricular design
  • Review your curricular design in relation to accreditation requirements as needed

At the program level

  • Clarify the overall aims for your program
  • Plan your program to enhance student learning
  • Map your program to meet accreditation standards as required
  • Design an evaluation of your program