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John Jones

SFU Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010

School of Engineering Science
Faculty of Applied Science

Professor John Jones received the 2010 Excellence in Teaching Award.

To sustain that enthusiasm during first year, when engineering science students primarily study math and science, Jones introduced an engineering-history course that gives students a glimpse of what they can expect from a career in engineering. It’s a popular course, designed to awaken students’ curiosity.

“Unless students have questions, there is no learning,” says Jones. He frequently presents paradoxes with ridiculous conclusions that force the students to re-examine what they think they know.

Students say they appreciate his emphatic lecturing style, his passion for his subject and, most of all, his quirky sense of humour.

Watch a video of Jones discussing the importance of maintaining a sense of curiosity and a beginner's perspective: http://blogs.sfu.ca/projects/tlcomm/2011/03/john-jones-on-winning-an-excellence-in-teaching-award/

Web page: http://www.sfu.ca/engineering/faculty-and-staff/faculty/john_jones.html

SFU News: http://blogs.sfu.ca/projects/tlcomm/2011/03/john-jones-on-winning-an-excellence-in-teaching-award/

News release: http://www.sfu.ca/archive-pamr/media_releases/media_releases_archives/winning-secrets-to-teaching-excellence.html