English as an additional language: SFU services

Several campus services offer you and your students support and information on language usage and skills development:

  • Centre for English Language Learning Teaching and Research (CELLTR): CELLTR provides students, staff and faculty with teaching and learning services that support them in SFU’s multilingual and multicultural environment.
  • Student Learning Commons (SLC): The SLC offers extensive programming to help students read, write and speak more proficiently in English.
  • Institutional Research and Planning (IRP): SFU's IRP unit collects relevant information about students' language practices. The 2014 Undergraduate Student Survey includes some interesting statistics about the use of English by students:
    • 88% of respondents reported that they speak English at home
    • 59% reported that they speak a non-English language at home
    • 41% of respondents identified themselves as English as an additional language (EAL) students. Among these students, 27% indicated that they speak no English at home.
  • International Student Advising and Programs (ISAP): SFU's ISAP website provides information, programs and services for both undergraduate and graduate international students.
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