Our service areas

Course planning

Want to create a new course or breathe life into an existing course? There are proven strategies and frameworks to simplify your work.


Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning is a big job. We have planning and mapping resources to make the process easier.


Decolonization and Indigenization

What does it mean to decolonize and indigenize classrooms and curricula? Join the discussion.


Educational goals

Examples, models, templates and good practices. We can make the development, evaluation and assessment of educational goals productive and (relatively) painless.


Graduate students

We love you. You are the future of post-secondary teaching, and we can help prepare you for your teaching roles.


Learning technology and educational media

Move beyond books and paper. We can show you how to use platforms like Canvas and media like video to engage your students.


Measuring impact

How do the changes you make in your teaching practice and course/curriculum design affect student learning? Ask us about ways to measure and document your impact.


Valuing teaching

How should teaching be assessed and valued? From tenure and promotion to student evaluation of teaching, we can provide support.


Voice and presentation skills

Comfort, confidence and connection. We can help you become a more relaxed, effective speaker.