traces of the past
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Voice recordings from Mr. Morton's Socials Blocks E and F
Amy and Cindy amy_cindy1.wav, amy_cindy2.wav several clips combined to 1
Janet and May Ying Janet_MayYing61.wav, Janet_MayYing62.wav, Janet_MayYing64.wav, Janet_MayYing65.wav, Janet_MayYing66.wav, Janet_MayYing69.wav  
Marvin and Alex marvin_alex.wav several clips combined to 1
Melody Melody.wav  
Mike and Devon Mike_Devon.wav  
Brittany and Jessica Brittany_Jessica09.wav, Brittany_Jessica10.wav, Brittany_Jessica11.wav, Brittany_Jessica12.wav,  
Diane and Jessica Diane_Jessica05.wav, Diane_Jessica06.wav, Diane_Jessica07.wav  
Garneet Garneet28.wav, Garneet29.wav, Garneet30.wav  
Howard and Jaspreet

Howard_Jaspreet15.wav, Howard_Jaspreet16.wav, Howard_Jaspreet17.wav, Howard_Jaspreet18.wav, Howard_Jaspreet19.wav, Howard_Jaspreet20.wav, Howard_Jaspreet21.wav, Howard_Jaspreet22.wav, Howard_Jaspreet23.wav, Howard_Jaspreet24.wav, Howard_Jaspreet25.wav, Howard_Jaspreet26.wav, Howard_Jaspreet27.wav

Jessica Y JessicaY01.wav, JessicaY001.wav, JessicaY002.wav  
Ronnie Ico Ronnie_IcoRec03.wav  
Terence and partner Terence_and_07.wav, Terence_and_08.wav  
KTRAN KTRAN009.wav  
Other student recordings:
Male student

MrX010.wav - "The year was 1917...their first gain since 1914"
MrX011.wav -"Late in 1916...Currie Julian Byng" NG
MrX012.wav -"Late in 1916...capture the bridge by themselves"
MrX013.wav -"One week before the battle...which saturated the field"
MrX014.wav -"Even though this attack...punch for the First World War"
MrX015.wav -"Moreover, Vimy what it is today."
MrX016.wav -"As a result, the battle also...a very different world"

Female student 1MsY007.wav - "Trench warfare is the such harsh conditions"  
2 Female students 2MsYs005.wav -"In 1914, Britain had declared...under Britain's control"