Best of 2009: SFU at its Best

SFU still the best, says Maclean’s
SFU took top spot for the second straight year in Maclean’s magazine’s rankings of Canada’s comprehensive universities. “Once again, an outstanding showing in winning student and faculty awards, as well as research grants, contributed to a top-notch score,” said the national magazine.

SFU three-peats as one of Top 100 Canadian employers
Canada’s top comprehensive university is also a perennial choice among the country’s Top 100 employers, as it was again for the third year running in 2009. It was also named a top B.C. employer. SFU was among 16,000 employers invited to participate.

Microbiologist among Canada’s 100 ‘most powerful women’
SFU microbiologist Fiona Brinkman was named one of Canada's 100 most powerful women for her pioneering work in the emerging field of pathogen bioinformatics, which uses powerful computers to study DNA and protein sequences in disease-causing bacteria.

Science in Action founder a YWCA woman of distinction
The YWCA gave chemistry lecturer Sophie Lavieri a 2009 Woman of Distinction award for making chemistry and science accessible and fun for students of all ages and backgrounds for 25 years. She takes her portable lab into public schools where she puts on workshops at no cost to the schools.

Canada's top co-op student
Molecular biology and biochemistry undergraduate student, Kate Mueller, is the third SFU student in seven years to be named the country’s top co-op student by the Canadian Association for Cooperative Education. The recipient of the Governor General’s bronze academic medal and the B.C. Science Achievement Award, Mueller has been published nationally and internationally.

SFU spreads the net to save African kids from malaria
SFU biologist Carl Lowenberger braved tanks of hungry mosquitoes on CBC-TV's The Rick Mercer Report, helping to launch this year’s Spread the Net campaign to buy insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent the mosquito-borne spread of malaria among children in Africa. Spread the Net is a campaign designed in partnership UNICEF Canada.