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Finding source of SIDS

July 06, 2011

Finding source of SIDS
Commenting on a new report about a rise in sudden infant deaths syndrome (SIDS) in B.C., SFU doctoral student Laura Dewar notes SIDS comprises a large portion of SUDY cases. SUDY or sudden, unexpected death in the young refers to the non-traumatic, but sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy young person under the age of 40. Dewar is doing her doctoral thesis on SUDY in SFU’s School of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology. She says: “Cardiac arrhythmia, irregular heart beat, has been a suspected underlying mechanism for SIDS for more than 40 years.” Dewar can elaborate on how genetic testing for cardiac disorders could help reduce SIDS and comment on her hypothesis that some SIDS cases may be due to a structural heart disease that is undetectable in autopsies.

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