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Anti-bullying discussed at SFU

November 13, 2012

SFU criminologist Brenda Morrison is one of several experts on bullying in schools involved in an all day conference on the issue today at the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue at SFU Vancouver. Hosted by Premier Christy Clark, the conference includes a Twitter town hall segment (#ERASEbullying) and coincides with the start of National Bullying Awareness Week, Nov. 12 to 17.

“Canada does not fare well on reporting bullying and victimization in schools,” says Morrison. “According to the World Health Organization, we rate in the top-third of countries surveyed. Countries with national safe school frameworks have lower rates of bullying and victimization. We need a national safe school framework, such as the Australians, who are faring much better.”

Chantal Faucher, a criminology and education researcher with SFU’s cyber-bullying research team, will not be at B.C.’s anti-bullying conference but can talk about what she’d like to see come out of it. “We hope the participants have the opportunity to examine the current research in B.C. and internationally on anti-bullying,” says Faucher. “Programs need to be based on actual situations and needs in B.C. and proven strategies locally and internationally. They should take a whole school approach with a focus on changing school culture and relationships within the school. But at the same time a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ won’t work.”

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