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Evaluating water, publishing

March 07, 2012

Evaluating water quality
Despite the controversy that arises when something big compromises our drinking water, most of the time we down it without thinking twice about it. On International Water Day on March 22 the United Nations will urge the world to remember the importance of protecting our freshwater resources.

Three SFU scientists will be available to comment on the need to better protect our drinking water — a freshwater resource that is vital to our survival.

Diana Allen, an earth scientist who researches hydrogeology, notes: “Most private well owners know little to nothing about their water source, particularly its quality. There are no regulations for testing in B.C., and yet groundwater may have concentrations of dissolved constituents, such as arsenic, that exceed the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines.”

Diana Allen, 778.782.3967,

Tim Takaro, a physician-scientist and associate professor in health sciences, studies the impact of climate change on water security. He can comment on how climate change is expected to impact both the quality of our drinking water and the distribution of diseases through contaminated drinking water.

Tim Takaro, 778.782.7186,

Kirsten Zickfeld, an assistant professor of geography and co-author of a new study on global warming trends, can comment on how climate change will affect precipitation patterns globally. That in turn would impact fresh water supplies.

Kirsten Zickfeld, 778.782.9047 (w), 604.354.6214 (cell),

New era for publishing
Canada’s largest Canadian-owned book publisher is undergoing changes at the helm – and two SFU Master of Publishing program grads are stepping in. Jesse Finkelstein (MPub 2004) succeeds CEO Scott McIntyre as COO of Douglas & McIntyre while Trena White (MPub 2005) has been named publisher. Eight MPub grads are employed at D&M out of a total staff of about 50. Many D&M staffers have taken SFU summer workshops and still others have taught in both programs. To maintain its leadership position in publishing education, the MPub program is focusing on the changes that digital technology is bringing to publishing of all kinds, says program director Rowland LorimerHe can talk about the program’s impact as well as changes in the industry.

Rowland Lorimer, 778.782.5240/5242,

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