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High school rankings

April 30, 2012

High school rankings spark controversy
The Fraser Institute released its annual rankings of B.C. and Yukon high schools today, which look at seven different indicators ranging from exam scores to differences in academic performance between genders. As always, however, the report card is a lightning rod for controversy.

“The rankings and the manner in which they are presented can lead to broad assumptions and conclusions by the public without the benefit of contextual factors and thorough analysis,” says David Paterson, associate dean for SFU Education. “This cautionary note is important to public discourse and understanding.”

Milton McClaren, professor emeritus in SFU Education and expert in curriculum development, says post-secondary results don’t always match up with what the report suggests.

“Students from east-side Vancouver high schools performed better than the average for west-side public schools. I'd always suggest taking it with a grain of salt—perhaps a 100-gram spoonful.”

David Paterson, SFU Education, 778.782.3641,
Milton McClaren, SFU Education, 778.782.3395,

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