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Mexico, Egypt

January 24, 2012

Mexico: Tourism nightmare?
Lindsay Meredith
, an SFU Beedie School of Business professor and marketing expert, isn’t mincing words in reaction to the latest violent tourism-related incident in Mexico that has left a Calgary woman badly beaten. “What a terrible shame — a country with a third world burden is losing a chance to fast track into hard currency because it can’t control the deadly psychos who are ruining all the country’s hard work in tourism,” says Meredith. “The bad news is all the country’s five star hotels’ security has been breached by these criminals and that is flushing Mexico’s Canadian tourism business down the toilet. The critical mass against tourism to Mexico has been reached.”

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Egypt’s emerging political face
Two SFU experts on international politics are available to comment as Egyptians prepare to officially mark the first anniversary of their grassroots revolution that overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak.

Tamir Moustafa, an associate professor in SFU’s School for International Studies, predicts: “There will be massive demonstrations in Cairo and around Egypt on Jan. 25, marking the one year anniversary of the start of protests.”

André Gerolymatos, director and professor of SFU’s Centre for Hellenic Studies, predicts Egypt will become an Islamic state. He explains: “Its laws, social practices and foreign policy will be filtered by Islamic laws and traditions. An Islamic Egypt would severe its ties with Israel and be less of an American ally. I would hazard a guess it would join a new block led by Turkey.”

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