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Report on rural Canada’s fate

September 16, 2015

The full report, The State of Rural Canada 2015 to be unveiled Sept. 17 in PEI

According to a new national report co-edited by SFU Faculty of Environment professor Sean Markey, the federal government needs to act now to sustain rural Canada’s future in this century. The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation is releasing The State of Rural Canada 2015 at the Building Community Resilience Conference in Summerside, Prince Edward Island on Sept. 17 (tomorrow).

The report identifies many innovative strategies that are sustaining rural Canadian communities. But they are on the frontline of battling global challenges right on their doorstep that are eliminating jobs and destroying resources. Rural Canada requires an “investment mentality” from senior governments, says Markey, to leverage innovative solutions and to help confront mounting demographic, economic and social pressures.

“We have been neglecting rural Canada,” says Markey, “Despite the vital role of rural places in this country we have run down the capital invested in rural regions by previous generations.” Markey can discuss this and the full report’s recommendations, which he will help unveil in PEI.

Sean Markey, SFU School of Resource and Environmental Management professor, 604.809.3400 (cell),