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Nearly time for ABCs - but what about the ZZZs?

August 29, 2017

Sleep may not be part of the average back-to-school list but SFU researcher Luc Beaudoin suggests that perhaps it should be. He has developed and recently launched a version of his mySleepButton app containing elements for kids.

The app features Serial Diverse Imagining (SDI), or what he also calls the “cognitive shuffle,” a method that replaces sleep-disruptive thinking with scrambled imagery that is conducive to sleep.

 “Many parents know all too well that insomnia is not merely an adult’s problem,” says Beaudoin, author of Cognitive Productivity (2013). “And when kids don’t sleep, often times neither do the parents.”

While the app hasn’t yet been formally tested on children, CogSci Apps, a company co-founded by Beaudoin, reports that initial feedback from parents using a ‘do-it-yourself’ version of his technique has been encouraging. "We also want to send kids back to class feeling focused and ready to face the day," he notes. The kids’ pack, aimed at those four years of age and over, offers content—words and phrases described as micro-stories—for kids to imagine in bed as they prepare for sleep. The app also includes instructions and tips for parents. 

Luc Beaudoin, Faculty of Education, 778.997.0612;

(The first iteration of the mySleepButton Pack for children is available for those who download mySleepButton for iOS, version 1.4.5 from the App store)