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Resolution staying power—and making choices that work

January 04, 2018

With New Year’s resolutions made, the real work begins on making them last. Stephen Brown, a senior lecturer in SFU’s Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK) department weighs in with some thoughts on how to ensure our health resolutions stick (see below). Fellow BPK lecturer Anthony Leyland can provide tips on the right fitness programs to help keep those resolutions in play, while BPK lecturer Diana Bedoya can look at maintaining reachable exercise and nutrition goals (see below).

Meanwhile, SFU psychology professor Lara Aknin can share thoughts on giving beyond the holiday season, and how resolutions tied to selfless giving throughout the year can be good for us. Aknin has previously published several papers that show the benefits of spending money on others instead of oneself, and how it can lead to satisfaction.

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• Stephen Brown, Faculty of Science, 778.782.4122;
• Anthony Leyland, Faculty of Science, 778.782.4338;
• Diana Bedoya, Faculty of Science, 778.782.6623;
• Lara Aknin, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 778.782.9563;