media release

SFU response to student protest scheduled for February 18

February 17, 2015

Statement from Tim Rahilly, Associate Vice President, Student Services

Simon Fraser University is committed to providing all members of our community with safe, supportive and respectful spaces in which to live, learn and work. Since 2003, the University has taken steps to provide gender-neutral spaces throughout our three campuses in Burnaby, Vancouver & Surrey.

Actions to date include: establishing gender-neutral washrooms throughout the campus via single-use washrooms that have the ability to be locked from the inside by the user; and conducting a feasibility study on retrofitting gender specific group toilets. Washroom signage exists to let users know the gender of the person(s) one is likely to encounter in a group washroom.

Additionally, as part of a continued dialogue on inclusivity with Student Services, the Human Rights and Equity department and the SFSS, the University is moving to allow students to use preferred names on student ID cards and class lists. The Human Rights and Equity Office has not received any formal complaints on the issue of gender-neutral washrooms.

The planned student protest on this issue will take place on the 3000 level of the Academic Quadrangle, which has five gender-neutral washrooms available to students.

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