Graduates of our program have parlayed the knowledge and skills they have gained in pursuing their degree or diploma into rewarding, urban-related careers in planning, project management, post-secondary education, consulting, community outreach, sustainability, and urban research for employers as diverse as municipal governments around the region, Metro Vancouver, Translink, the Portland Hotel Society, BC Housing, Thomas Consultants, HB Lanarc, Stantec Consulting, the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, and HASTE (Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions). Alumni testimonials suggest the importance of the SFU Urban Studies experience to their success.

Rebecca Holt

Before joining the Urban Studies program, Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (Geography) from the University of Victoria and gained several years of experience working in the field of environmental management....more

Graham Twyford-Miles

Graham's career path is a good example of how combining education with extra-curricular activities can take you to some interesting and unexpected places. While pursuing his undergraduate degree in political science at UBC....more

Lainya Rowett

When Lainya began her master’s degree in urban studies in 2005, she was already working in a entry-level technical planning position for the City of Surrey, but knew she needed an advanced degree to....more

Mike Soron

Mike entered the master’s program with a B.A. in political science. He sustained his commitment to politics and public policy throughout his studies – and continues to do so in the rest of his career. Mike had previously worked in...more

Michelle Arthur

For Michelle, obtaining a graduate diploma in urban studies was a route to not only better career opportunities, but also a way to increase her capacity to contribute to the conversations about urban issues....more

Andre Isakov

Andre decided to continue his graduate education at SFU after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and earning a certificate in Labour Studies. He saw the Urban Studies program as a logical next step....more

Billy Collins

Billy came to SFU after a career as an agent, promoter, manager and talent buyer in the Canadian music industry. He was looking to build upon and diversify from his undergraduate education....more

Erin O'Melinn

Erin's interest in sustainability and urban planning led her to the Urban Studies program. She chose SFU Urban Studies for the quality of its instructors, relevant and interesting courses, and...more

Kevin Quinlan

A native of Victoria, BC, Kevin completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at UBC, focusing on Canadian politics and public opinion. After graduation, he began working as a communications assistant to four Vancouver city councillors....more