Rethinking the Region

Rethinking the Region is annual day-long event organized by the SFU Urban Studies Program since 2013. It provides an opportunity for urban-focused academics, urban professionals, elected officials and citizens to learn about and reflect on issues affecting Metro Vancouver.

Below are selected supporting materials and event documentation from previous years.

April 28, 2018: Municipal Responsibility in an Age of Urban Inequality

Event page

Program (pdf)

Video of David Miller's keynote (and pdf version of slides)

June 17, 2017: A Forum on Citizen Advisory Bodies and Urban Policy

Program (pdf)

Keynote speech and questions (video)

Summary and reflection remarks by Ken Cameron

Event page

April 30, 2016: Region-forward thinking

Event overview and photos

Program and backgrounder (pdf)

Speakers and panels (video)

Keynote on regionalism and legitimacy by Dr. Zack Taylor (pdf)

A Region at the Crossroads: A Call for Proposals from Gordon Price, director of the SFU City Program

Cities in a Sea of Uncertainty: Growing the Conversation on Regional Planning and Governance in Metro Vancouver by Katelyn McDougall, Linda Mussell and Sherry Yang

Note: the above report is a response to the call for proposals

May 2, 2015: HOUSE: rethinking the affordability crisis

Event program and backgrounder (pdf)

Keynote address by Ken Greenberg - Regent Park: Looking to the Future (video)

March 1, 2014: Themes: transportation, health, economic development and governance

Invitation and program (pdf)

Backgrounder (pdf)

Summary report (pdf)