January 2019 faculty news

January 25, 2019

Here are some highlights of what our faculty members have been up to over the past few months.

  • Karen Ferguson has published "The Perils of Liberal Philanthropy," in Jacobin magazine.
  • Ken Cameron gave a public lecture about his new book, Showing the Way: Peter Oberlander and the Imperative of Global Citizenship at Vancouver Island University on January 9.
  • Anthony Perl was interviewed on CBC Radio's On the Coast program on December 17, regarding the provincial government's announcement on the future of the Massey Tunnel. You can hear the interview here, starting at about the 1:52:05 mark.
  • Taotao Deng, associate professor of regional science in regional economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, has joined us as a visiting scholar. Dr. Deng is spending the year collaborating with adjunct professor Qiyan Wu and professor Anthony Perl on their research examining the urban impacts of high speed rail in China.