Professor Perl quoted on streetcars and Vancouver's transit future

January 03, 2018

Professor Anthony Perl was quoted in two recent media stories.

One story, in the Globe and Mail, discussed the potential for adding streetcars to the City of Vancouver's transportation network:

"Streetcars are place makers. They are an urban benefit," said Anthony Perl, an urban-studies professor specializing in transportation at Simon Fraser University. "They're not the magic solution for all transit problems, Prof. Perl said, but they're a part of a complete system in mature cities."

Professor Perl was also asked to comment on what 2017 brought and what 2018 might bring when it comes to transportation changes and improvements in the Metro Vancouver region:

"The past 12 months 'could be characterized as the year of the second opinion when it comes to transportation futures for the region," said Anthony Perl, a professor of urban studies and political science at Simon Fraser University.....Perl said that while multiple major projects inched forward, 2017 will likely go down as a year when Lower Mainlanders were forced to hurry up and wait.