Learning Spaces at Harbour Centre

Over a period of three years, SFU Vancouver will enhance the teaching and learning experiences at Harbour Centre by improving and renewing campus classrooms. A Learning Spaces representative committee of faculty, staff, and students is currently working to identify issues and is seeking input on how we can best shape Harbour Centre’s learning spaces.

We want to know...

We’re looking for your input: How can classrooms at SFU Vancouver enhance teaching and learning experiences?

  • What does your ideal learning space look like?
  • What should every classroom be equipped with?
  • What learning spaces at Harbour Centre (classrooms or other areas) work best for you just now?
  • What would you change in the spaces at Harbour Centre to make them more responsive to your learning needs?
  •  Anything else you want us to know?

Submit your questions, comments, and concerns to vanadmin@sfu.ca and contribute your perspective to this significant upgrade process.

View the SFU Vancouver classroom renewal project in progress here

Rooms 2235, 2245, 2280, 2290, 2520 and 2945