The SFU Vancouver Handbook is an online reference manual for new staff and faculty members to the SFU Vancouver campus.

Who we are

Welcome to the downtown campus of your university! Described by the Vancouver Sun as the "intellectual heart of the city," Simon Fraser University’s Vancouver campus transformed the landscape of urban education in downtown Vancouver.  

Read more about the SFU Vancouver story.

SFU Employee Orientation

For more information on orientation to SFU, please visit SFU Human Resources.

Orientation is a process that begins on the day you are hired. You will be oriented to SFU, your department and your responsibilities in a number of ways. You may decide to take charge of some of your orientation by exploring publicly accessible areas of the campuses on your own and/or by participating in events open to staff. Your self-directed orientation may also include exploration of the SFU website where you will find interesting and helpful information on your own and other departments' programs and services.

If you're based at SFU Vancouver, you'll want to visit the SFU Vancouver welcome page, for connections to our community engagement pages, social media, and event listings. You may also choose to gain a more personal insight into your new community by speaking with willing co-workers, faculty members and students.

Connecting to SFU's Online Services

Simon Fraser University is a leader in information technology and as an employee of the University you automatically receive an SFU Computing ID. After you have completed and returned your new employee forms, you will be enrolled on Payroll and an employee computing ID will be issued to you. Your computing ID will provide you with a work email account as well as access to other computing services that are available from your office and home.

If you supplied a non-SFU email address on your new employee forms, you will receive an email at that address indicating when and how you can activate your SFU computing ID online. For further information regarding your computing account please visit this page.

Helpful information for those new to campus (SFU Vancouver FAQs)

If you're new to SFU's Vancouver campus, you may have some general questions. Below, you'll find a list of answers to FAQs— from bike parking to office phone installation. For easy searching, press 'Control F' or 'Command F' on Macs to look up a specific keyword.

How do I book a room for an event? To study with a group?

  •  To book a room for an event, seminar, large meeting or other programming, contact Meeting, Event, and Conference Services, located on the 2nd floor of SFU's Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre.
  • To book a room for group studying, the SFU Belzberg Library books online student group study rooms.

How do I book AV/IT? How do I get help with my IT issue?

  • To book AV/IT for your meeting or event, connect with MECS.
  • If you're in a room and need assistance with IT Services, call the provided number on the in-room phone.

How do I get access to campus after hours?

As a staff member, you have access to most of the SFU Vancouver campus after hours. To obtain an access card -if you need one for your floor or for after hours- the request has to come to fsvhelp@sfu.ca via email from someone with signing authority and the appropriate account code. A $20 deposit is required.

How do I get an SFU ID? Library card? Computing ID? Access card?

  • File a ticket with IT Services if you do not have an SFU computing ID.
  • Visit Information/Registrar Services at SFU's Vancouver - Harbour Centre campus to have a photo taken and ID card printed (your SFU ID card is also your library card to access the SFU Belzberg Library!)
  • To obtain an access card - if you need one for your floor or for after hours - visit Facilities Services Vancouver at 500 UM, or email fsvhelp@sfu.ca for details.

Tell me more about library services at SFU Vancouver

  • Belzberg Library is the first point of library contact for staff, faculty and students at SFU Vancouver.  Once you obtain a picture ID card, issued through Info/Reg, it acts as your library card and allows you to borrow any of the over 2.5 million books, films, and music recordings in the SFU Library collection, request items to be delivered from the Burnaby or Surrey campus libraries, or request material from other libraries at no charge through Interlibrary Loan.
  • A SFU Computing ID lets staff access almost 3 million online items through the SFU Library website. Many of these databases, journal articles or ebooks would only be available for a fee to non-SFU users.
  • To find out more about Belzberg Library without leaving your office, take the virtual tour!

Where can I lock my bike?

  • One of the great things about SFU Vancouver is the ability to bike here. Lock your bike at Harbour Centre to the left of the 515 West Hastings St. entrance. At Goldcorp Centre for the Arts bike racks are located near the Cordova St. entrance. There is also limited bike storage at the Richards Street bike cage. An access fob is required for the Richards Street bike cage, which can be obtained from the Harbour Centre offices on the 20th floor of the tower. There is a refundable deposit of $25 and they will ask you to sign a user agreement. If further information is required, please call their office at 604.689.7304.
  • You can also find various bike racks on the surrounding sidewalks.
  • Cyclists to SFU Vancouver should also note that there are showers located in the Harbour Centre gym, that can be accessed with membership. See above.
  • If you forget your bike lock, you can borrow one for the day from Security in the main foyer. ID required.

Is there a conflict resolution resource on campus?

SFU has an Office of the Ombudsperson, which offers both conflict resolution services and informational workshops. The SFU community is committed to the fair and just treatment of each and every member of the University. SFU was the first university in North America to establish an Ombuds Office and for close to 50 years the Office has provided confidential, informal, independent, and impartial dispute resolution services to students by providing information, advice, intervention and referrals.

Is there a resource for Aboriginal Protocols on campus?

Yes! You can find more information the SFU Office for Aboriginal Peoples website.

Are there day lockers on campus?

  • There are day lockers available at the Harbour Centre gym, see below for membership details.
  • There are day lockers available on the 2nd floor of SFU's Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre. Contact Registrar and Informations Services for more information on access to these lockers.

Tell me more about disability access on campus.

For disabled access, please call 778.782.5085 or email fsvhelp@sfu.ca.

Are there Health & Counselling Services at SFU Vancouver? 

Doctors and counsellors are available for appointments at the SFU Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre. Visit the office on the Upper Mall Level of Harbour Centre. Please visit their website for hours and booking information.

Where do I find promotional support for my event?

SFU's Vancouver campus is home to an office of University Communications. If you have an event, study, or research announcement you would like profiled, the office is happy to help spread the word. Email sfu_comms@sfu.ca for public and media relations support.

How do I get an SFU email account?

SFU’s email program is called SFU Connect. To access your email, you must have an SFU computing ID (see 'Obtaining SFU ID' above), then go to connect.sfu.ca and clicking, “SFU Online” in the red menu bar and choosing SFU Connect. SFU Connect offers contact management and shared calendar systems.

What are the campus hours?

Visit this page for the hours of all of SFU's Vancouver campus buildings. Please note that all times listed are regular hours of operation: times may vary during holidays or special times, such as exam periods.

Tell me more about janitorial service on campus.

Information on janitorial services at SFU Vancouver can be found here. Please note that with the introduction of Bin Buddies, frequency of waste services have been reduced in promotion of waste creation awareness.

Is there a staff room where I can heat up my lunch? Where do I order catering for a meeting on campus?

  • A staff lunch room is located on the 2nd floor of SFU's Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre and is opened with a keypad. The lunch room has a fridge, microwave and dishwasher. The keypad code can be obtained from fsvhelp@sfu.ca.
  • To catering for an event, seminar, large meeting or other programming, contact Meeting, Event, and Conference Services, located on the 2nd floor of SFU's Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre.

How do I send intercampus mail? How do I order a courier?

  • For information on how to send and receive intercampus mail, see this page.
  • For more information on couriers and deliveries, see this page.

How do I move my office furniture? Is there stock furniture on campus?

If you are looking to rearrange your office furniture or get rid of a filing cabinet, please contact Facilities Services first.  You can check by emailing fsvhelp@sfu.ca.

How do I get a key for my office? How do I get an access card for my floor?

To obtain keys and access cards, the Operations office will need to know staff names, administration charges (department and the chargeback account number), and who will need 24/7 access. Please note that this email should come from someone in your office with signing authority, and be sent to fsvhelp@sfu.ca.

What do I do in an emergency on campus?

  • If you are in an emergency situation please dial 911 from the closest phone (located in each room). If the issue is not an emergency but requires security, please see the phone number located on the in-room phone.
  • In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation, please take note of the procedures on this page.
  • If you are connected to social media, please follow @SFUVan on Twitter, as updates will often be sent through this channel.

Where do I park my car near SFU Vancouver?

  • The EasyPark garage at 400 W. Cordova offers reduced rates after 4 pm with a valid SFU library card or parking card.
  • On this page, you can find directions to SFU Vancouver by bus, SkyTrain, or car.

Help me set up my phone.

  • For landline phone installations, send a request to phones (at) sfu.ca.
  • To access your voice mail from your office phone, dial 83#. To access your voicemail from another phone (ie. Home, cellular, etc.), dial your number and as soon as you hear your voicemail message, press * and you will be prompted to enter your passcode.
  • For other questions and troubleshooting issues with SFU phones, email phones (at) sfu.ca.

How do I get a document printed? I need a banner, poster, etc.

To have larger documents and such materials as banners printed, please contact Document Solutions.

I need IT help!

  • IT Services offers support and labs at SFU Vancouver. If you are an SFU student, staff, faculty member having difficulty with your SFU computer or software, please use the trouble ticket system to request assistance. To submit a trouble ticket, simply visit this web page.
  • Anyone with a valid SFU ID can configure their devices to connect to SFUNET-SECURE, the university's secure wireless network. An automatic secure wireless installer is available to members of the SFU community that takes the pain out of installing SFUNET-SECURE or eduroam.

Is there a prayer/meditation/interfaith space on campus?

Located on the 7th floor of SFU's Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre, the Interfaith & Meditation room is a place for students, staff, and faculty to use for prayer, reflection, mediation, and exploration of their faith and spiritual well-being on campus. For more information about the space, visit the Interfaith Centre website.

Is there a gym on campus? Are there lockers?

Harbour Centre Gym Pass: Harbour Centre allows gym access to SFU employees at a $60/year rate, prorated. The gym is located beside the SFU Bookstore, has full cardio and weight training equipment as well as changerooms and showers. To obtain a gym pass, please email fsvhelp@sfu.ca.

Tell me more about INgagement & Wellness Programs.

SFU's Vancouver campus is home to a healthy and connected campus community. Please take a moment to check out the great campus community programming, from yoga and zumba classes, to monthly interdepartmental social gatherings.

How do I recycle, compost, or dispose of waste on campus?

SFU's Vancouver campus is proud to house Zero Waste Stations across its campus buildings. To find out more about SFU's Sustainability Office and the Metro Vancouver Food Waste Ban, visit their webpage.

How do I contact campus security?

  • Please do not hesitate to call security immediately if you feel that there might be a problem. Security is located on the main floor in all of our buildings.

To call security - Non-emergency:

  • Harbour Centre, local 25029
  • Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, local 27944
  • Segal Graduate School of Business, local 27911
  • Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, local 25749
  • Dial 12 from any classroom or housephone to contact security.
  • Due to the public-facing nature and location of SFU Vancouver, theft is unfortunate but often occuring. Please lock your spaces and be aware of your surroundings; do not leave valuable unattended.

Is there an SFU Bookstore at SFU Vancouver?

Yes! SFU's Vancouver campus - Harbour Centre is home to an SFU Bookstore location. Textbooks, SFU office supplies, stationary, gifts— and event study space— can be found at the bookstore, located on the UM level of Harbour Centre.

How do I change office or classroom temperature?

  • If there are issues with temperatures in classrooms, contact security at 2-5029 as many thermostats have locked cages on the controls. 
  • If there are problems with office temperatures, email fsvhelp@sfu.ca
  • Individuals can adjust their own thermostats a couple of degrees up or down. Please wait half an hour. If the temperature does not adjust, contact fsvhelp@sfu.ca
  • Please note that not all offices have thermostats. Often one thermostat controls the temperature for a block of offices.

How do I get to the SFU Vancouver campus? 

The SFU Vancouver campus is located in one of the largest transportation hubs in British Columbia. Staff, faculty and students are encouraged to utilize public transportation, or bike or walk, to campus when possible. On this page, you can find directions to SFU Vancouver by bus, SkyTrain, or car.

How do I connect to campus WIFI?

  • Anyone with a valid SFU ID can configure their devices to connect to SFUNET-SECURE, the university's secure wireless network. An automatic secure wireless installer is available to members of the SFU community that takes the pain out of installing SFUNET-SECURE or eduroam.
  • Non-SFU visitors attending SFU events should contact the event organizer to see if network access has been arranged for them.