Campus Screen Request

The large display screens at SFU Vancouver are ideal for getting your message out to the SFU Vancouver community.

As of fall 2017, the University has switched over to a new digital display screens authoring tool called Carousel. Carousel is a cloud-based tool that allows users to create, schedule and publish bulletins to digital display screens across SFU's Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey campuses. In order to use Carousel and submit display content to the digital display screens, users must sign up for and attend an online training session hosted by University Communications.

Training Sessions:

Check back for future training sessions here.

Once users have completed a training session, they will be provided by University Communications with a log in ID for Carousel and may begin submitting content to the digital display screens.

Launch Carousel here.

For assistance with Carousel, email

Screen Locations:

  1. Above the Registrar’s Office: This display will host only internal SFU content directed at students and relating to student services only. Please note, no commercial content is permitted.
    *Please note that this screen is temporarily unavailable.

  2. Front foyer of Harbour Centre: This display will host content that is of interest to a significant portion of students and the general SFU Vancouver community. Please note, no commercial content is permitted.

Content Guidelines:

To retain high visual and accessibility standards, we ask that all submitted content adhere to the following guidelines and specifications:

Required Size: Format:

1920 × 1080 pixels  (72 DPI)


Slides can be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks. Content will be approved every Friday at 2:00pm and will run for the following two weeks, unless the content is scheduled to run for a later time period.

We reserve the right to reject slides, graphics and/or text that are deemed inappropriate and/ or  are of low quality, as per SFU’s Common Look and Feel.