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SFU Vancouver, in partnership with SFU Lifelong Learning, is pleased to host Skill'ED sessions as part of SFU Vancouver's INgagement Programs.

Designed as a faculty and staff development and education opportunity, these sessions range from day-to-day skill building to long-term development.

Skill'ED Session: It’s Time to Listen, Talk, and Reflect on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at SFU | March 27

March 27, 2019
12:00 - 1:30 PM
Harbour Centre, room 2250
Light lunch will be provided. Stay however long you can!

Your input is needed!  Please join SFU Vancouver and the Office of the Vice President, Academic to share your insights about equity, diversity, and inclusion at SFU (for more information please see: )

The input received from you during this process will inform recommendations to the University for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion across SFU and embedding these principles more firmly into SFU’s practices, policies and procedures.

The broad questions posed on the EDI webpage ( are below, but the March 27th conversation is not limited to these.  

SFU is committed to fostering a culture of belonging, inclusion, fairness, and mutual respect (SFU Strategic Plan)

  • What steps/actions can SFU (and/or university community members) take to achieve this goal?
  • What are some of SFU’s strengths, on which we can build?  Where and in what ways do we need to grow?
  • What organizational structures and processes might help to advance diversity, and equitable and inclusive practices across the institution?
  • How can SFU encourage (or ensure) individual, unit, and institutional commitment to EDI and hold all accountable for advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion?
  • What are the measures of success?

This is an opportunity for all members of the SFU community to reflect on what SFU as a whole is doing well and where it can improve as we collectively work towards creating a culture of greater understanding and mutual respect and towards more inclusive and equitable practices.  This includes identifying systemic barriers, and gaps, and reflecting on ways to overcome them by improving structures, processes, and practices.

*Please note that registration is not required.

Media Training 101

This two hour session will cover tactics and tricks you can use to ensure you give the best interview possible. We'll review the elements of news and the factors journalists need to juggle to make a story happen. We'll consider different approaches when giving interviews to print reporters, talk show hosts, radio producers and TV journalists. We'll work with your faculty members to develop their own key messaging around the important topics that they are researching. Finally we'll provide an opportunity for faculty members to do some on-camera media training to ensure that when push comes to shove, they're able to get their key messages across, no matter who is interviewing them.

This service is provided by SFU University Communications. Please inquire with for more details and how to book your department training.

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Voice Training & Presentation Skills Workshops from TLC @ SFU Vancouver

SFU Teaching and Learning Centre programs and services are available to all SFU instructors, staff, and TAs/TMs. And now they're available at SFU Vancouver! We offer regular workshops and presentations on many teaching-related topics. In addition, we offer personalized support, incorporating both general and discipline-specific approaches, for teaching and learning initiatives by individual instructors.

Find a list of ongoing and appointment-based workshops available at Vancouver here.

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