Campus Pop-Up comes to a building near you

May 29, 2017

By Maika Nguyen

On May 18th, the SFU Vancouver team hosted our first Campus Pop-Up to showcase the resources and services available for students, staff, and faculty at their downtown campus.

Spanning 7 buildings, our campus is a diverse and dynamic place for learning and events. Through our Campus Pop-Up, we hope to reach our community members and let them know about all of the services available to them right outside their classroom or office doors.

From free meditation classes to writing workshops, the campus offers a wide range of activities that exercise both the mind and body.

Did you know as a student or staff member you can take a free yoga class at our Wellness Studio?

Or, that if you’re studying in Vancouver, you can have books transferred from the Bennett Library in Burnaby to the Vancouver Belzberg Library?

Throughout the year, we will be hosting our Campus Pop-Ups at each building on campus and we hope to see you there. In the meantime, make sure to stay connected through our social media platforms for the latest information, news and events.

In case you missed the Pop-Up, check out our website for more information about resources available for staff and students.