Learning at work: innovative high school program visits SFU Vancouver

June 30, 2017

By Ahmad, Richmond SKY student

Going into post-secondary and  having everything figured out is  desirable, yet not always attainable. There are so many paths to take and so many options, that it’s sometimes overwhelming. Programs such as Richmond School District’s “SKY Program” allow students to spend time in a workplace, taking on tasks and making meaningful connections with professionals.

As a student in this program, I found my employment experience at SFU Vancouver to be an eye-opener. Working alongside the amazing staff at the Campus Administration office, I spent my time collecting and analyzing data for the “Digital Engagement Strategy Plan;” seeing how students engage with technology, and how the campus can improve its communication channels.This project sparked my interest because it involves social media, a tool so pertinent in our society today. As a future university student, and a potential SFU student, I realized that this experience will impact me directly in the years to come.

Study Space at Harbour Centre

Aside from working on this plan, I had the opportunity to attend meetings and events, which are common when working in this field. Interacting with other individuals and learning about what they do was an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Woodwards Building

The time I spent at SFU Vancouver was rewarding as it provided the opportunity to work alongside people who are spirited, hardworking, and have common goals. This encounter validated my prior interest in communications by providing me with the chance to partake in many aspects pertaining to this field. If it wasn’t for this work experience, I wouldn’t have discovered how to align my passion with education, for this I am truly grateful.

All images were retrieved from our Instagram @SFUVan.