Innovations in Research

Over the past 5 years, our campus has been working intentionally with the faculties and programs that use the downtown campus as a research hub to “disclose” the well-kept secret, namely, that SFU Vancouver is a thriving locale for research studies that have significant social, economic and cultural impacts. Research at SFU Vancouver is making a difference.

Initially, we started with a small group of passionate researchers forming the “Research Matters” committee. From those enlightening conversations, we have taken various steps to support researchers at all levels. One of those initiatives is "Innovations in Research", a public research showcase that amplifies the very impactful research work being done by SFU faculty, students and staff across the university.

Partnering with SFU’s Public Square and SFU Innovates, we’ve been able to ‘theme’ each event around the framework of Public Square's annual community summit, bringing guests from around the region to learn about the impact of SFU’s research up close and personal. Innovations in Research has enjoyed strong support and enthusiastic advocacy from Dr. Joy Johnson, SFU's President and Vice-Chancellor.

Stay tuned for details on the next Innovations in Research event.

Past Events: