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We’re excited to introduce our new blog series #StartupStories, where we share true stories about the hard realities of the entrepreneurial journey. Keep an eye out for the first release!


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  • Seeing the Good in BusinessSeeing the Good in Business
    Michelle Martin did not grow up with a business background; she began her career as a journalist. Two startups later, Martin's vision and beliefs developed into what is now Whole Human Projects and Stratosphere. Not only did Martin's successes and failures shaped her entrepreneurial path, but also allowed Martin to see the good of it all. Read her profile.

  • 3 Lessons I Learned as an Intrapreneur3 Lessons I Learned as an Intrapreneur
    When a door closes, a startup fails, or when a startup fails to launch, it's rarely the end of the road. Carlos Leal shares how his entrepreneurial history has helped him in his career at Ernst & Young.

  • Not Everyone Is Your CustomerNot Everyone Is Your Customer
    Through trial and error, NATIV Media Founder William Jiang, who created the viral $5 Ramen challenge and Beer Ramen challenge, discovered the true value of his company and who he needed to serve.

  • Bootstrapping: The Road Less TravelledBootstrapping: The Road Less Travelled
    Don't be scared of the b-word....bootstrapping! Doug Fast shares why bootstrapping is a viable option for your startup

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