SFU Public Square: Researching the City

Think research is boring and unrelated to the real world? Think again! Researching the City was an inspirational evening showcasing how seemingly 'abstract' research activities – all related in some way to the 2015 Community Summit theme of city-building – have real world impact on our city.

Our evening began with an interactive public gallery of faculty, staff, student and alumni research from SFU’s Vancouver Campus, offering participants an opportunity to chat directly with researchers about the journey of their work and how they see their research impacting urban communities.

Afterwards, ticket holders gathered for a series of rapid-fire presentations and moderated panel discussions. Inspiring researchers told the story of how their work contributes to – and learns from – the city and its residents. Through the lenses of public policy, planning, economic development, social justice, and health and well-being, the evening celebrated a hopeful and illuminating examination of the intersection between the university and the city.

Hosted by Joy Johnson, SFU Vice-President, Research.

Date : 2015-10-3014 views
Department : SFU Public Square, Public Policy
Keyword : policy, Public Square, Research, SFU Public Square, urban design, City