Standing Up to Fracking: An evening with 'Slick Water' author Andrew Nikiforuk

Investigative journalist Andrew Nikiforuk has been writing about Canada’s oil and gas industry for over 20 years. Now, in his new book Slick Water, Nikiforuk recounts the story of oil patch consultant-turned folk hero Jessica Ernst as she fights to save her land from the damaging effects of hydraulic fracturing.

In this live event, moderated by The Tyee’s founding editor, David Beers, Nikiforuk will share stories from his extensive reporting on Canada’s energy sector, including a history of the fracking industry and an account of how the industry has broken earthquake records in BC, Alberta and Oklahoma. Nikiforuk will also discuss his new book, Slick Water.

Date : 2016-01-28161 views
Department : SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement
Category : SFU Events
Keyword : Nikiforuk, fracking, Energy