Migration or Escape: Journeys to Sanctuary

Migration or Escape: Journeys to Sanctuary is an evening conversation, including a set of readings and talks, that will explore the emergent areas of creative work around migration that are grounded in archival materialism. Drawing from various archives, artists and scholars are generating emerging theoretical spaces that ask critical questions on the global movements of subjects within the context of new Imperialisms, nationalist violence, and continuing global economic interests. These trajectories of movement, whether migrating subjects are escaping civil war, wars of aggression, racial and ethno-cultural genocidal pograms, or escaping to find better ways of life and work, are embedded within global capitalism and imperial formations.

Date : 2016-02-1121 views
Department : SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement
Category : SFU Events , Lectures
Keyword : Vancity Office of Community Engagement, colonialism, Library, archives, Woodwards