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Streetfight: Janette Sadik-Khan on the Transformation of Cities

During the time Janette Sadik-Khan was Transportation Commissioner of New York City, the results were transformative—from Times Square to every borough of the Big Apple and beyond. Even in Vancouver, her strategy of ‘just trying things out’ encouraged our recent experiments with public spaces and bike-lanes. Her North America-wide influence has led to new people-focused street design standards, to new opportunities for public spaces, and to new ways of moving through our cities.

Join us for a special lecture by Sadik-Khan, here to promote her new book "Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution". The lecture will be followed by a spirited chat between Sadik-Khan and SFU City Program Director Gordon Price.

Date : 2016-03-2225 views
Department : SFU City Program
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Keyword : Transit, Sadik-Khan, transportation, urban design