Pi Theatre: Auditing Terrorism

Join Pi Theatre for an exploration of the connections between the global financial system and terrorism. We’ll be looking at the belief in fundamental ideologies from capitalism to religion—what do they have in common and how far do people go to defend their convictions?

Pi Theatre will be presenting The Invisible Hand by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar at The Cultch in April. This high stakes thriller follows Nick Bright, an American capital funds manager for the Citi Bank Corporation in South Asia, into a terrifying world of kidnapping and unrest in a remote region of Pakistan. As Nick negotiates to save his own life he begins to see his captors in a new light. The Invisible Hand is a complex look at how far we’ll go to save ourselves and asks what is the ultimate cost of our actions?

Date : 2016-03-3142 views
Department : SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement
Category : SFU Events
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