Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference- Session 5: Miscellaneous Topics

Session 5: Miscellaneous Topics

- Peter Tingling (Simon Fraser University, Octothorpe Software Corp) - Is Detroit really Different - What does the data say?
- David Wilson (Carleton University) - A New value Pick Chart for the National Hockey League
- Carolyn Wilke and Nick Mercadante (Hockey Graphs, Blue Shirt Banter) - Goalies: Why?
- Jack Han (McGill University) - Where the Data Meets the Road: Practical Application of Video and Analytics in the McGill Martlet Hockey Program
- Stephen Robinovitch (Simon Fraser University) - Development and Validation of a Tool for Analyzing Head Impacts in Ice Hockey Captured on Video

Date : 2016-04-09335 views
Department : Statistics & Actuarial Science
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Keyword : analytics, hockey, Sports