Ting Forum on Justice Policy: A Symposium on Wrongful Convictions & Criminal Investigative Failures


Featured Speaker: Kim Rossmo, University Endowed Chair in Criminology, and Director of the Centre for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation, Department of Criminal Justice, Texas State University

To celebrate Simon Fraser University’s 50th anniversary, the School of Criminology is pleased to present a one-day symposium on Wrongful Convictions and Criminal Investigative Failures.
The symposium will try to answer three central questions:
-How and why do criminal investigative failures and wrongful convictions occur?
-How can we best prevent them?
-What are the best remedies – the best mechanisms for responding to the possibility of error?

The symposium will bring together professionals from the courts, the legal profession, law enforcement and academia, along with two voices of the wrongfully convicted, for an engaging discussion on an issue that continues to have global importance for criminal justice practices.

Date : 2016-04-2280 views
Department : Criminology
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Keyword : Kim Rossmo, Criminology