Late Life Issues & Innovations: Dying at Home in All Its Variations

25th Annual John K. Friesen Conference: Late Life Issues & Innovations

Public Lecture: Dying at Home in All Its Variations

Kelli Stadjuhar

Professor, School of Nursing and Centre on Aging University of Victoria
Research Scientist End of Life Program, Fraser Health Authority
Abstract: Drawing on data/narratives from ethnographies, one in which Dr. Stajduhar spent hundreds of hours observing family caregivers with dying people in their own home, as well as current research with dying people who are homeless or in unstable housing, this presentation explores what it means to be dying at home and what it is to be a family caregiver. Topics to be covered include death and dying in contemporary society, the impact of dying at home on family members, and the experience of dying and death for some of our most vulnerable people and those connected to them.

Date : 2016-05-162 views
Department : Gerontology
Category : Presentations
Keyword : Stadjuhar