Jordan Scott, SFU Writer in Residence

In April 2015, Jordan Scott spent five days touring the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, where he was allowed to take photographs and notes, as well as capture field recordings. Scott’s talk on May 20th explored the connections between redaction and ambient sounds, examining how one can listen to redaction. How can we listen to entire systems of it? During his talk, Scott also discussed some of the paintings located in the detainee art gallery at Guantanamo Bay through an engagement with the directionality of light and the ethics of witnessing.

Jordan Scott is the 2015/2016 SFU Writer in Residence. His books include Silt (New Star 2005), blert (Coach House 2008), DECOMP (Coach House 2013) and Clearance Process (SMALL CAPS 2016). His forthcoming long poem is titled Night & Ox (Coach House 2016).

Jason Starnes is a critic and composer. His composition of Scott’s field recordings will be presented during the talk and appears in Clearance Process (SMALL CAPS 2016).

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