Late Life Issues & Innovations: Panel 2: Care Approaches to Dying & Death in Diverse Communities

25th Annual John K. Friesen Conference: Late Life Issues and Innovations

Panel 2: Creative Care Approaches to Dying and Death in Diverse Communities

Chair: Sharon Koehn, Clinical Assistant Professor, SFU Gerontology Department
“End of Life Care for South Asians: Reflections of a Diversity Consultant”
Jas Cheema, President, Intercultural Education Services, Inc
“End of Life Care for South Asians: Reflections of a Physician”
Akber Mithani, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Dept. of Psychiatry
“Communicating Care in End of Life: Perspectives of Families and Care Providers”
Joyce Lee, Research Associate, School of Nursing Trintity Western University & Doctoral
Candidate, UBC School of Population and Public Health
“Experiences on End of Life Conversations with Chinese-Canadian Clients in Long Term Care
Settings: Barriers and Successes”
Felicia Wong, Providence Health Care
“Late Life Concerns, Issues and Innovations in the LGBT Community”
Gloria Gutman & Brian de Vries, SFU Gerontology Research Centre

Date : 2016-05-169 views
Department : Gerontology
Category : Presentations
Keyword : Friesen , Wong, Mithani, Lee, Gutman, Cheema, Koehn