Late Life Issues & Innovations: Panel 8: Quality End of Life Care in Long Term & Hospice Settings

25th Annual John K. Friesen Conference: Late Life Issues & Innovations

Panel 8: Quality End of Life Care in Long Term Care and Hospice Settings

Chair: Marissa MacDonald, Ridge Meadows Hospice Society Board of Directors & Student, SFU Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Program
“Integrating a Palliative Approach in Long Term Care”
Jennifer Baumbusch, Associate Professor, UBC School of Nursing
“The Little Things – Companioning and Presences in Long Term Care”
Lindsey Willis, Coordinator of Palliative Support Services, Ridge Meadows Hospice Society
“Bridging the Research-Practice Gap in Hospice Care”
Shannon Freeman, Assistant Professor, UNBC School of Nursing & Donna Flood, Prince George Hospice Society
“Getting the Right Person to the Right Place at the Right Time”
Barb Kirby, Eldercare Planner, Advocate and Navigator

Date : 2016-05-1721 views
Department : Gerontology
Category : Presentations
Keyword : Baumbusch, Kirby, Willis, Hospice, MacDonald, Freeman