Andreas Bunte: Erosion

Andreas Bunte's work takes up the interplay between technology, architecture and the body. In thinking about how this interplay is reflected in our physical environment, Bunte turned to SFU's Burnaby campus as the site of a new film work entitled Erosion that addresses a specificity of place and the complex artistic, philosophical and environmental dialogues that engage our current moment. We have long considered how architecture and art both contribute and respond to social, cultural and political life. It is only more recently that we recognize that human activities-artistic and otherwise-have altered geologic conditions and processes. Erosion, shot in January 2016, treats SFU's iconic and internationally recognized Brutalist architecture as a geological formation.

Date : 2016-09-1083 views
Department : SFU Galleries
Category : SFU Events
Keyword : Melanie O'Brian, Andreas Bunte