Climate Action in BC: Where do we go from here?

BC's updated Climate Leadership Plan was released in August and many have said that it falls short in ambition and specificity to get British Columbia on track to meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets. In this Carbon Talk, we'll hear from two experts on what this new plan means for BC, and what opportunities exist and could emerge to keep BC's climate action on track with its legislated goals. 

Join Climate Leadership Team member Nancy Olewiler, economist and professor of Public Policy at SFU; and Jeremy Moorhouse, Senior Analyst at Clean Energy Canada as they discuss these important topics.

Jeremy Moorhouse works to advance Clean Energy Canada’s electricity, transportation, and carbon objectives within B.C. and serves as the in-house technical and research lead. He manages research for the Tracking the Energy Revolution reports, and co-authored A Clean Economy and Jobs Plan for British Columbia, outlining how B.C. can drive down carbon pollution and grow its economy. He also co-authored Lock in Jobs not Pollution and The Cleanest LNG in the World?, a pair of reports on B.C.’s proposed LNG industry. Jeremy has 10 years' experience improving the environmental performance of energy systems across Canada.

Nancy Olewiler is an economist and professor in the School of Public Policy at SFU and currently its Acting Director. She works in many areas of environmental policy, particularly environmental pricing. She's a past Chair of the Board of TransLink, a Commissioner on the Ecofiscal Commission, a member of the Pembina Institute Board, and served on BC'S Climate Leadership Team.

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