President's Faculty Lecture: Dr. Majid Bahrami

Putting Waste-Heat to Work: The Future of Clean Technologies  

The United Nations predicts the world’s population will surpass 10 billion by 2030. It’s a sobering reality that will undoubtedly put a significant stress on the planet’s natural resources. This has brought clean technology to the forefront, making it Canada’s fastest-growing sector and galvanizing researchers like Majid Bahrami to create new solutions for a planet in flux. This lecture provides an overview of Dr. Bahrami’s research on developing novel clean technologies—powered by waste heat, or solar and geothermal energy sources that provide drinkable water, air conditioning and energy storage.

Dr. Majid Bahrami is a professor in SFU’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, founder of the Laboratory of Alternative Energy Conversion, and a Canada Research Chair in Alternative Energy Conversion Systems. His research group studies and develops clean and sustainable energy projects such as fuel cells, refrigeration, and microelectronics cooling technologies and earned the 2016 Canada Clean50 Award. His latest invention, the Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator (HAWgen), harvests water from atmosphere and was a finalist in the BC Technology Industry Association 2016 Technology Impact Award.

Date : 2016-10-1270 views
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