Open in Action: A Panel Discussion

Barrier-free access to research and resources is not just a nice idea: it is a necessity that is being supported with concrete actions by leaders in BC Universities. Open in Action is the theme of this year’s International Open Access Week, October 24-30. The speakers in this panel are individuals who are taking concrete actions that advance the concept of Openness in higher education, scholarship, and the community at large . These panelists talked about initiatives they are involved in, such as those that:

-support the development and use of open textbooks
-investigate who uses open access journal articles and under what conditions
-build infrastructure for scholarly publishing
-address community needs for information

Specifically, the panelists discussed how their work intersects with the idea of “Open” and what motivates them towards putting “Open” into action.

Date : 2016-10-2518 views
Department : Library
Category : SFU Events
Keyword : Gwen Bird, Juan Pablo Alperin, Will Engle, Rajiv Jhangiani, open in action, Library, Brady Yano, SPARC