Carbon Talks: Towards a Circular City

The concept of the “circular city” has the potential to solve a number of urban challenges

A circular economy aims to replace a traditional linear “take-make-waste” economy with one that is “restorative and regenerative by design”. While this approach has been primarily championed by businesses, cities are also in a position to capitalize on the benefits of a circular economy. But, what does a municipal approach to a circular economy look like? What are the opportunities and barriers, and which examples should cities follow?

Dr. Jacqueline Cramer, Circular Economy Ambassador, Amsterdam Economic Board; Professor of Sustainable Innovation, Utrecht University; Strategic Advisor at the Utretcht Sustainability Institute 

Jacqueline Cramer is a strategic advisor of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute and in charge of the circular economy activities for the Amsterdam Economic Board. She is also the managing director of the consultancy firm ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship; strategy and innovation consulting’, from which she worked as a senior advisor to more than 150 companies on the implementation of sustainable entrepreneurship and CSR. Before, she was the Cabinet Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment of the Netherlands. Cramer has been a professor in the area of environmental management and sustainable innovation since 1990.

Next to this, she was and still is member of various (inter)national advisory boards of the government, industry and non-profit organisations.

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