President’s Faculty Lecture with Dr. Ann Chinnery: Rendered Responsible by the Fragile

Recent world events such as the refugee crisis and violence against racial, religious, and sexual minorities, call us to rethink our sphere of moral obligation beyond the traditional ties of kith and kin. But what does it take for us to see a stranger’s suffering or well-being as our own moral concern? Dr. Chinnery explores the ways we are called to responsibility not by a perceived similarity between the other and ourselves, but by an encounter with the other’s fragility and weakness, regardless of whether we have anything in common. She focuses on how such a conception of responsibility might inform life in BC’s increasingly diverse classrooms.

Ann Chinnery is an Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Education. Her research is located at the intersection of philosophy of education and teacher education, drawing primarily on continental philosophy to address ethical issues in education. Specific areas of interest include the cultivation of moral and social responsibility and educating for historical consciousness.

Date : 2017-04-0513 views
Department : President's Office
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Keyword : Ann Chinnery, Andrew Petter, President's Faculty Lecture