A Voter’s Guide to Transit and Transportation in the 2017 B.C. Election

Improved transit and transportation are critical issues to Metro Vancouver and beyond — but in the chaos of a provincial election campaign how are voters to figure out what needs to be done?

Fortunately, the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition has some answers.

New Westminster mayor Jonathan Cote joins Coalition representatives Gavin McGarrigle of Unifor—the largest B.C. transit union; Peter Ladner—chair of the David Suzuki Foundation and former city councillor; Elizabeth Model—CEO of the Surrey Business Improvement Association; and other noted speakers at a very special election forum on the future of transit and transportation in Metro Vancouver.

The Coalition and guests will take a critical and informative but non-partisan look at what’s at stake for our regional economy, environment and quality of life, as we prepare for one million more residents in Metro Vancouver over the next 25 years. And they'll explore what the next B.C. government needs to do—no matter who is elected.

Date : 2017-05-0516 views
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