Promoting Mental Health in Later Life - Symposium 8

Tele-Mental Health Services

Chair: Kathy Steegstra, Senior Provincial Executive Director, Virtual Care, Trauma Services BC & Mobile Medical Unit, Provincial Health Services Authority

e-mental Health for Healthy Aging: Principles, Practices and Insights

Kendall Ho, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC & Lead, Digital Emergency Medicine

Using technology to screen for cognitive impairment or diagnose dementia. Melinda Martin-Kahn, Post-doctoral Fellow, Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth, University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia

DDRrdrDRAFTDRd08/05/2017SFU Segal Centre, 515 W Hastings St, Vancouver, CA

Our Experience in Delivering Tele-Mental Health Services to Seniors in Rural and Remote Communities

Sanjeet Pakrasi, Geriatric Psychiatrist, Victoria, BC & Ila Patel, Social Worker, Complex Seniors Mental Health Team, Nanaimo, BC

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