Promoting Mental Health in Later Life - Symposium 5

Addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation

Chair: Andrew Wister, Director, Gerontology Research Centre SFU & Chair, National Seniors Council

From “It Gets Me Out of the House” to “Such a Wondrous Thing”: Learning at 55+ as an Antidote to Loneliness.

Mark Smith, Coordinator, Liberal Arts & 55+ Program, Continuing Studies SFU

Enhancing Older Adult Social Engagement Through Digital Games: What Have We Learned?

David Kaufman, Professor, Faculty of Education, SFU

“It’s Given Me a New Life” - Residents Helping Residents Live Purposeful Lives. Kristine Theurer, Founder and President, Java Group of Programs, Inc.

Winnipeg's Senior Centre Without Walls: A Social and Educational Program Reaching Out to Socially Isolated Older Adults

Nancy Newall, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Brandon University & Kristin Reynolds, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, University of Manitoba

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Department : Gerontology
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Keyword : Gerontology, mental health